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TamperTell® easy seals are a quick and easy way to secure your
personal belongings. Whether you're travelling, camping or simply
leaving your possessions unattended, TamperTell® easy seals will
secure your peace of mind.

The seals are easy to secure: simply thread through zipper "handles", lock
and pull to tighten. If you discover the TamperTell® is broken, you are
instantly aware that your things may have been tampered with. TamperTell®
security seals are easy to remove - simply give the side tab a firm, short
pull. Seals come in two styles and each has a unique number.

TamperTell® security seals are an excellent choice for luggage security, as
many airlines no longer allow padlocks to be used on baggage. You will be
instantly aware if your belongings have been inspected or tampered with,
so you can inform airport officials immediately.

Standard TamperTell ® Supplied with a Seal Record Log Card enabling you to
record the seal number before travelling.

Deluxe TamperTell® Supplied with a snap of receipt tab that has the same
number as on the seal (tab storage pouch included) so you can identify if
the seal has been replaced.

Both versions of TamperTell® are supplied in a packs of 20 pieces per pack.