About us

Adventure Outfitters is a small band of misfit outdoors people, A tribe of adventure lovers and impassioned gear geeks, pledged Scouts and sworn Cadets.

We misfits/lovers/geeks wanted to pull down the barriers that prevent people from enjoying the outdoors. Inclusive not exclusive, freely informative not lecturing elitist, honestly open not pushing for purchase. The outdoors is ment to be fun and its high time we remembered that. :D

Based in Melbourne. We are weekend warriors at best. We have all made the same mistakes:

Been lost in wilds, earned blisters over long miles, slept rough in poorly pitched tents, been cold and wet (occasionally hypothermic), eaten burnt damper, scratched at hundreds of  insect bites, carried to much and taken to little.

We have also meet some amazing people along the way. Kindred spirits who offered help and sage advice. Now we are wanting to pass the torch on to you.

Go forth and Adventure!