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The Numinous GlobePacs 40L Cabin Bag encompasses Numinous Anti-Slash Technology along with the Numinous Shield Combination Lock and TSA approved zip locks. With the innovative Numinous Shield Combination Lock you can securely attach the 40L luggage to a bed or other fixed object. These features combined give you all round peace of mind and keeps travel documents and personal belongings safe at any stage of your journey.




  • Anti-Puncture zip - All the main zips on your Numinous rucksack include anti-puncture technology, meaning they are puncture resistant to pen or tool attacks, allowing you to fully protect your belongings when using the TSA zip locks.

  • Shield Combination Lock you can securely attach the 40L luggage to a bed or other fixed object.

  • Padded laptop compartment - All Numinous packs have a secure padded laptop or tablet compartment and zipped interior document pockets.

  • Compression straps - Internal and external compression straps can be found in the larger Numinous packs. This means you can tightly pack clothes and travel items without causing additional strain on the Numinous pack, and avoid damage from over packing.

  • Full length opening and interior organiser pockets. This allows you to open up your Numinous like a suitcase, get quick access to a particular item without having to tip the contents of your backpack upside down! The quick organiser pockets also allow you to put important documents, items or keys somewhere safe and easily accessible.

  • TSA-Approved zip locks - Ideal for air travel - features the TSA-recognised Travel Sentry logo. Allows airport screeners to unlock, inspect and re-lock bags without damaging the lock.

  • Numinous anti-slash technology - All Numinous packs are protected by our Numinous Anti-Slash technology. This ensures maximum protection against anyone trying to gain access to your belongings.

  • Padded lumbar support and airflow system - equipped with padded lumbar support and airflow system, which ensures maximum comfort when wearing your Numinous. The specially designed airflow system allows a pocket of air to move between your back and the pack meaning you don't get hot and sweaty when using the pack in warmer climates
  • Patented flap zip protection system

  • Adjustable back system - height adjust system allows users of all shapes and sizes to use your Numinous with ease. Whether you're tall or small, the adjustable back system ensures comfort for all. To adjust simply tighten or loosen the top straps, or if you need to move the back system a lot, then change to the top buckles.

  • Mesh side pockets - allow quick access to items such as water or fluids.

  • DaySac compatible

  • Side carry handles - for ease of loading and lifting the pack up onto conveyor belts or vehicles.

  • Numinous extendable glide pro wheel system


Technical Specifications:


Volume: 40 l
Weight: 2500g
Back system: Stashable shoulder straps
Materials: Cordura; Aramid Anti-Slash; Nylon 210D